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A Mobile Refresh

HELLO MONDAY!! Where have the days gone?!

I just landed in Hawaii yesterday and it feels like the traveling never ends… which I kind of love! Maika and I just recently returned from a week in Las Vegas, where we attended the annual WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers) trade show and conference. We have attended every year for the past 3 years and I feel like it always leaves me feeling refreshed and re-energized to attack the next wedding season. I also love going because it gives us a chance to see and feel all the new products available to us and our clients- because it’s only the best for our couples! There are some new things coming for our couples (and our senior girls too) and we can’t wait to share them throughout the year! Bamboo wedding album boxes anyone? Trust me, they’re drool-worthy!

But now, it’s back to real life, which isn’t too bad, considering I’m visiting home in Hawaii for a few weeks! So now that we’re back in the swing of things, the first thing on the list is announcing our refreshed mobile site! If you’re on a mobile device, head over to and check it out!


A good mobile presence is SO important, especially with today’s tech-savvy brides. I’ve been wanting to update our mobile site for a while now, and finally got it all figured out and it went LIVE today! I wanted to give our mobile visitors a simple, clean, easy-to-navigate viewing experience and trying to find tiny menu items and having to unlock your smartphone so you can flip your screen is just not what we want people to remember when they see our work for the first time! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Our brides have jobs, relationships, lives to maintain… and on top of that, they are trying to plan one of the biggest events they will have in their lives. That’s a lot to take on! They’ll take wedding planning time whenever they can get it- during lunch breaks, while waiting for appointments, or when they’re just crawling into their cozy beds at night.

Photographers- if your mobile site is not up to par, you can bet those brides will click off your site real quick. Bounce rates will only continue to go up as other photographers realize this more and more and if you’re the only one without a good mobile presence, you can bet they’ll go on to the next site faster than the click of a button (or I guess at the same speed, since that’s exactly what they’ll be doing. CLICK!). It’s no longer acceptable to not have a properly working mobile site. This is often the first impression our brides have of us, and we’ve got to give them the courtesy of putting our best foot forward. From what we can tell from our site stats alone, almost half of our couples are viewing our site for the first time from a mobile device.  If that isn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is! 50%! I’m an old lady at heart, but I knew it was time to get with the program. 😉

Our new mobile site is a peek into our full website and gives people all the necessary information they need to get a good idea of our style and quality of work. I almost (ALMOST) love it more than our full site… VERTICAL SCROLLING anyone?!! Obviously, if our clients would like to learn more about me (or Hachi, our pup) or see even more photos, they can always check that out on their computers whenever they have the time, but for a first impression or fly-by viewing and initial contact, we think this will serve our clients much better. We’d love to hear feedback though, so if you head over to on your phone and see anything out of place or think brides would love to see a little more of something on our mobile site, shoot me an email! Keeping up with the times is always a work in progress, right?

Cheers! And I hope you have a “REFRESH-ing Monday”. 😉


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