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Travel Tuesdays: Our European Honeymoon | Day 4- Eiffel Tower

When packing for our trip to Europe, I begged Maika to let me bring my film camera but he absolutely refused. With as much traveling as we were going to be doing and the fear I placed in him about pickpockets (oops!), he didn’t feel safe carrying more than one camera. So, we compromised and I brought my Canon 5D mark iii along with a little point and shoot for lighter travel. I told him that from now on though, I’ll be bringing my Contax everywhere- I’m still kicking myself for not capturing all the beauty we saw on film.

One benefit of bringing my DSLR however, was that I got to take some self portraits! Before we left, I got an idea to do a photoshoot of Maika and I while we were in Europe, but I couldn’t find a photographer in time to do it. So, I borrowed a tripod from a friend, pulled out my wireless trigger that I never use, and figured out the best time to get the Trocadero area in Paris all to ourselves. We woke up early one morning in Paris, before sunrise, and had the whole place to ourselves! It was so cold, but we had such a romantic time, just the two of us, kissing, dancing, and watching the sunrise. It’s something I’ll remember forever and we’ll have these photos to look back on as well!

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See Maika’s right hand in the photo above? For my fellow photographers out there or for those of you who would like to try this for yourselves, all you need is a little wireless shutter release trigger, set your camera to the timer/trigger mode, and you’re good to go! Maika was obviously not as good of a trigger hider as I was, but if seeing a little bit of it in a photo means I get to have photos of us alone in front of the Eiffel Tower, I’d call that a WIN!

This was one of my favorite days in Europe as well- read about what we did the rest of the day in Paris in the next Travel Tuesdays post! You can find out all about the biggest packing mistake I made!

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