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Travel Tuesdays: Our European Honeymoon Day 2- London

Day 1 in London was an amazing start to our trip, but we still had so much more to see! The first half of our trip was pretty fast-paced because there were a lot of places we were planning to get to. A couple future honeymooners emailed me over the past week about what other places we went to while we were in Europe, so I’ll do a really quick breakdown of the cities we visited in this post, which will also be a nice little preview of what’s to come over the next few months. Here’s a general itinerary of the places we visited on this trip:

London–>Paris–>Venice–>Rome–>Tuscan Countryside–>Sorrento–>Capri–>Cinque Terre–>Annecy–>Paris–>London

When we woke up on Day 2, one of the things we were most looking forward to was getting to ride on “the tube” again! (Well, after we ate our favorite breakfast spot, Del’Aziz, of course!) We were so impressed by the underground rail system in London. Remember, Maika and I are both from Hawaii and we had never been to a city with a subway system before. At first, figuring out our routes was a little tricky, but once we figured it out, it was SO easy! And FUN! My husband, while usually most intrigued by the engineering of things, particularly enjoyed the funky names like “Waterloo” and “Elephant & Castle”.


We got up early and got to see a few more of the big tourist spots like Big Ben, which was stunning, and Westminster Abbey. If you are at all uneasy about traveling on the tube, please let me put your fears aside. We never felt like we needed a car and everywhere we wanted to go was within a 5-10 minute walk from the closest underground station.


I quickly learned that trying to explain to strangers how to use my DSLR camera was a bit too overwhelming for people, so we used my trusty point and shoot to get a bunch of the shots and that ended up working wonderfully!


I couldn’t wait to find a classic red phone booth because I had some really cute ideas of poses I wanted to do, but to be honest, guys… they were really smelly! Ha! So I took a photo outside of one instead! We probably should have sought one out in one of the nicer areas of the city, because right smack dab in the middle of tourist central was not the best choice. Just a heads up! 😉 I was still excited to see them all over the place though!


We had a great half-day going around the city, but then it was time to get back to the main train station to catch our first train into another country! We were on our way to PARIS! I couldn’t wait to get to The City of Love and see everything it had to offer… but first, we had to get there. Maika and I were both feeling pretty confident in our ability to navigate around the city at this point. However, that was our first mistake. As easy as it seems, never underestimate the complexity of public transit in a foreign country! You still need to check the maps!

We went back to our place to grab our bags and calmly waited for our bus to take us to the tube station. Then, my take-charge husband confidently announced that we needed to get on the bus that was approaching. I was trying to check the schedules posted at the bus stop because I didn’t recognize the bus number, but Maika was so sure that we needed to be on that bus, that I followed his lead. Second mistake. Don’t follow the guy who hates to read directions. LOL!

About 10 minutes into our bus ride, I realized we were getting further and further into a poorer area of the city and I knew we were way off course. I went up to the bus driver and when I told him where we were trying to go, his eyes opened REALLY big and told me I should get off at the next stop. Apparently, we needed to catch a bus all the way back to where we started in order to catch the correct bus. The extra 20 minutes of time I had allotted for a casual pace to the train station was gone and we spent the next 30 minutes running, dragging our bags, and Maika was getting extra hot from the daggers I was shooting him! Hehehe.

There was really no room for us to miss any of our trains, as we had so much planned, but once we got safely to the main station and got through and onto our train LITERALLY 2 minutes before it pulled away from the station, I could finally breathe easy. Maika admitted that perhaps he should have listened to me and we had a good laugh about it all. But, boy! Those trains don’t wait for anybody! It’s kind of the beauty of them though- they’re reliable and always on time. And for the rest of the trip, all our traveling went super smoothly. Well, until our flight home, when I honestly thought we might die, but that’s a story for another time. 😉

Next week, I can’t wait to show you guys one of our absolute favorite places we visited- Versailles!

  • January 13, 2015 - 8:15 pm

    Shannon Morse - I love reading about your trip!! And don’t get me started on buses! haha!ReplyCancel

    • January 13, 2015 - 2:04 pm

      Cherie Murashige - Right?! I’m down for the tube all day, but the buses were a different ballgame!ReplyCancel

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