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Engagement Season | Proposal Photography

In case you haven’t heard this statistic before, there is actually a significant increase in the number of proposals during the holiday season! Typically from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, you may notice an increase in the number of ring shots, “we’re engaged” selfies, and congratulatory messages in your social media newsfeeds. No, you are not imagining things… it’s what the wedding industry likes to refer to as “engagement season”.

It makes sense- the holiday season is a time when people are surrounded with family, friends, and loved ones, so it’s natural to feel a lot of emotional connection to this time of the year. Maika actually proposed to me in December of 2009, while we were in Hawaii, and it was great to get to share that news with with our family and friends in person. I was so excited when he proposed that I barely remember anything he said! However, my lack of memory could also be attributed to the fact that a few minutes after he proposed, I jumped up, hit my head pretty hard, and collapsed! (But my knight in shining armor romantically caught my head (one handed) before it hit the ground. SWOON!) I loved everything about the whole day and I still get so happy when I imagine him trying to plan the whole thing.

Being me, of course I had to run and grab my little point and shoot camera that I had with me, set the self timer, and run back to my new fiancé to capture our excitement… you know, prior to the head injury! And let me tell you, that little low resolution, slightly crooked black and white photo of that moment is so precious to me now.

I realize though, that not everyone is like me and carries a camera everywhere they go or would even think to go set the self timer and capture that moment. So, over the last few months, I’ve been debating whether or not we were going to start offering to capture other couples’ proposals. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became! OF COURSE we should offer this service!

Reasons this would be totally awesome: #1 I would be capturing one of the most important, romantic moments in a couple’s life, which is also why I love to shoot weddings; #2 I would be providing a couple with a tangible way to remember the day they promised to walk down the aisle together; #3 It would be SO fun to surprise a bride and see her reaction when she finds out that her new fiancé planned this with so much thought that he/she even arranged for a photographer to capture it all; and, while not the most important reason, but definitely one of the coolest, #4 I could go all-out STEALTH MODE and fulfill my lifelong dream of being a spy (like in Alias) while hiding behind some bushes to capture the proposal. YES!

So, if you know of any friends that are planning to propose to their other half soon, ask them if they’ve thought about having it photographed! I even heard a story once in which the guy had kept the whole thing a secret until the wedding day, when he had a photo from the proposal framed and gave that to his bride- she had no idea that moment had been captured and preserved forever!

We are so excited about getting to do this for others, so in honor of engagement season and all the lucky couples that have found their soulmates, we are going to be offering proposal coverage for 50% off until Valentine’s Day!!! Just contact us for more details-we’d love to hear what you’re planning for your proposal!

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